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Landscape Design

The landscaping around your home is more than just an opportunity to enhance curb appeal. It's a way to express your own style, define outdoor living space and make your home truly an oasis that you love to live in. We can help you identify what may or not may work with your current layout, what the right plants are to use for the spaces you are looking to fill, and how to create that amazing outdoor space you've been dreaming of!
Adding hardscaping elements to the landscape of your property provides a great contrast to the living things surrounding it. Some examples might be having a meandering paver walkway to a rustic stacked wall in your yard to offer an attractive feature. Others might be a large patio with a built in outdoor kitchen to make your outdoor space not only beautiful but functional. Other hardscaping projects we can assist you with:
  1. Granite steps
  2. Retaining walls
  3. Field stone walls
  4. Fire pits
  5. Water features
  6. Paver driveways

Adding shrubs, perennials, mulch and grass helps to tie your landscape together while adding color and structure to it year round. We can help you pick those plants and shrubs that will thrive and add to the natural beauty of your yard. Other ways we can enhance your softscapes:
  1. Mulch beds
  2. Tree and Shrub beds
  3. Perennial beds
  4. Sod installation
  5. Hydroseeding
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