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Turfpro provides a variety of different services to help fit the needs of commercial and residential customers. From spring clean ups, weekly mowing, maintaining mulch beds or pruning and tree services, we are equipped to fill your landscaping needs. Below is a list of some services provided.
Spring Clean-Up:
Removal of sticks and leaves from lawn areas and planting beds. In addition, we will remove sand and dirt from all areas. Winter damage will be cleaned and repaired as needed.
Weekly Mowing:
Includes cutting all lawn areas on a once per week schedule or as needed. Surrounding edges will be trimmed around, driveway and walkways will be blown off.
Mulch Bed Maintenance:
Installation of your choice of mulch to any mulch beds. Beds will be prepped, edged, and raked out, then top-dressed with new mulch. We can also maintain mulch beds by hand weeding each bed.
Lawn Dethatching:
Thatch is that layer of dead grass, roots, and debris that accumulates over the soil and prevents water and nutrients from reaching the grass roots. Regularly dethatching not only improves water and nutrient absorption, but is also a way to reduce disease and pest problems in lawn. We will remove that debris from lawn using dethatching tools at the beginning of the summer season.
Regular core aeration of your lawn is necessary to maintain a healthy lawn that continues to thrive. We will use a core aerator over your lawn to alleviate soil compaction and allow nutrients and water to more easily penetrate the soil.
Pruning of Fruit Trees:
Performed during early spring. This is done to help maintain and keep a healthy fruit tree, larger fruit harvest and also helps to keep the management of pest down.
Tree and Brush removal:
Remove dead or unwanted trees from the yard and prune tree limbs. We can haul off the wood or chip it on site.
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